Alexander Bugge Stage
A little about me, and the things I like to do.
I am a Danish guy, who has lived most of his life outside of Denmark, in places like India, Spain, France and Germany.

I am a self taught programmer, stand-up comedian and digital illustrator.

In terms of programming, I work with web technologies in the frontend and backend, as well as any middleware you might need in-between. My main focus is on e-commerce platforms and their supporting systems and third party integrations.

If you would like to know a bit more about my comedy adventurres or art and illustrations, please see the cards below.
Art & Illustrations
Some of my old artworks, produced in digital mediums. Click the card to see some more of them if you are interested.
StandUp Comedy
It's something to do...
I perform regularly at a couple of places here in Copenhagen, like Mellemrummet or No Stress bar. Only in english, so if you see an english open mic night, there is a chance you spot me in the wild. I'm the guy bombing on stage.

Come hear me share my poorly thought out opinions and observations, with a tipsy crowd that didn't pay to see me. You won't get the time back, but maybe you will laugh.

Click this card, to go to Mellemrummet's site. Mellemrummet is a non-profit café which supports female entrepeneurs in Nepal and performing artists in the Copenhagen area.